Make any business process simple. Achieve agility in Sales, Production & management.

Instant access to work. Dashboards with right content.

Fosters collaboration in meetings of any scale. Single room meetings or Annual general meetings, we can help.


In the age of agility, every business process requires instant connectivity at any scale, simple dashboards and asynchronous work allocation. Our multiple delivery models will help organizations of any scale adapt to the culture of OCTAmation. We constantly strive towards bringing work to your finger tips. We provide not only software for this purpose but also hardware that can achieve seamless meetings and large scale collaboration. We believe the GenZ culture of work will have very less to do with constant place work and time. Unless, your today's organization is ready for that change, tomorrow isn't secure. OCTAmating your work achieves the following

  • Asynchronous coordination
  • Total work snapshot
  • Instant connectivity at any scale
  • Agility in every process
  • Executive occupancy

Our Products

OCTA Singularity

Singularity is where space and time has no relevance. With our tool Singularity we precisely strive to achieve the same for our users i.e. being connected and contributing to work from any where at any time. This is the platform you want your organization to work on with more GenZ joining your workforce.

OCTA Conferencing

OCTA conferencing can host 2 people to 100 for video conference. It gives not only bi-directional communication but also multiple features such as white board annotation, external videos, polling and many more features that enable participation and collaboration

OCTA Broadcasting

OCTA broadcasting can help you do synchronous activity to members at a scale for 100 to 200,000. At this scale, while the AV is one to many, the panel can get continuous feedback to assess the pulse of the audience. The panel can be given variety of backgrounds that suit the client's branding.


OCTA Wads are physical devices that are handheld, desktop hosted or wall mounted. While all the three variants give touch capacity, they're essentially loaded with Singularity. An immersive experience to neo-collaborative work culture is here.

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